The FIT Food cook book is the perfect thing for you and your family.

We are all busy, working people with occasionally or often hectic lives. Our aim at Family Inspired Training is to help you not only get and stay FIT but to help you eat real, tasty food in an easy, fast and sustainable way.

The FIT Food Cook Book is full of healthy, nutritious, sustainable meals for you and the family. No fad dieting, no excluded food groups. Just fast and easy recipes, that will satisfy not only you but your Mini’s too!

Try the recipes but don’t feel nervous about experimenting with some of the ingredients or adding a few more herbs and spices. We want you to have fun, be relaxed in the kitchen and to try again if you don’t get it right the first time around.



Cooking is a chance to come together as a family or with friends, in the kitchen or around the dinner table, making healthy eating a normal part of life for you and your mini’s.

We hope you love the FIT Food Cook Book as much as we do!

Order your copy now only £9.99!

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*Please note this is an Ebook and not a physical copy.