FIT, Mini & Baby FIT


FIT is an adult group exercise session that is run alongside a friendly fun exercise session for children. Our aim is to build a community of individuals who want to improve their health and well-being, be part of a supportive group of people and to help children and families develop healthy habits early on in life which in turn will offer life-long benefits. We want to make exercise a part of your daily or weekly routine for you and your children.

We think being part of the FIT family is the best way to get back in shape whoever you are. Getting you feeling confident and FIT whether that’s just to get moving, getting you back into your old jeans or onto new levels of fitness.

‘Mini FIT’ is for children aged 30months – 10years, the sessions are fun & active. Each week we will have a different creative theme such as ‘Safety in Space’ or ‘Fun as Fireman’. Mini Fit is designed to get your little ones moving and exercising while you get your own workout done. It is more than just ‘child-care’ – we combine music, movement and imagination to make sure they have fun, stay engaged whilst also learning new skills. The sessions are designed to help your child’s cognitive, physical and social development.

For those of you who still have younger mini’s (under 30m’s) you can bring them along in the buggy or to stay with you and the adults.

‘Baby FIT’ allows you to come to sessions with your baby or toddler in the buggy or pram and they will be incorporated into your workout! The best way to get back in shape whatever your postnatal stage. Getting you feeling confident and FIT whether you just want to get moving, you want to get back into your pre-pregnancy jeans and onto new levels of fitness – and most of this from behind your buggy or pram.

Our aim is to ensure you get the best results, feel confident in your body, have loads of fun with a group of like minded parents by your side.

So what are you waiting for….come and get FIT with us this New Year

Run Club

Every Monday evening we meet in Tunbridge Wells for a run around the local area. The group is of all abilities and will meet in pretty much all weathers!

We currently aim to run 3 miles or 5 k each week but we may increase this as the ability of the group progresses. The only thing we recommend is high visibility clothing of some type like a jacket or reflective patches and in the Autumn/winter we recommend wearing a head torch too!


FIT Pilates


FIT Pilates differs slightly from classical classes. Usually Pilates is done to either no music or classical music, whereas our classes run to more up beat tracks, the moves in classical Pilates are often very slow & controlled.

Lucy is a fully qualified Pop Pilates instructor and uses her knowledge to fuse classical Pilates with some new moves you have likely not done before to create fun, varied classes. The classes will be a mixture of slow, lower intensity exercises to lengthen & strengthen your body & fast, higher intensity moves to get get that heart rate up & burn fat.

A mix of standing and mat based exercises that will build strength, flexibility & a solid core. Your body will be more toned and challenged week by week!