Testimonials from customers


FIT & Mini FIT


“These classes are amazing! Lucy is fabulous at what FIT are doing and you get to exercise as a family in a very friendly motivational environment. Doesn’t get any better than that! I have been doing this for a month and am already feeling fitter and stronger. 10/10” – Oana

“Such a great workout. You get the fun that comes with group activities whilst still being able to work at your own fitness level. It makes such a difference being outdoors compared to the gym! I was also provided some great top tips during the session and encourages you to push yourself which was awesome. Highly recommended!” – Megan

“Thank you for the trial session this morning. My small man and I loved it and we will be dragging daddy out of bed early Saturday to come again!” – Kathy

“You guys are so talented at keeping FIT so fresh and fun. You’re both amazing, just wanted you to know that.” – Chris & Sarah

“Amazing classes, excellent supportive instructors and best of all it fits in with family life so there is no excuse not to go and give the classes a try! If you want a really decent work out but don’t want to pay crèche fees on top of your gym membership this will be perfect for you, you work out and baby chills in the buggy entertained by us all and toddlers are entertained in ‘mini F.I.T’. I feel stronger after just 5 classes, all of which have been different and as they say variety is the spice of life! I can’t recommend F.I.T enough, not just 5 stars but 5 gold stars! Good work team!!” – Victoria

“After having two babies back to back I was finding it really difficult to get motivated and get fit- esp whilst looking after two small children. Finding this class has been a godsend -my toddler loves the mini fit games, the baby happily watches from her pram, and I manage to squeeze in a challenging but fun workout supported by other mums. Fab x ” – Caroline

“Really good session this morning. Great way to kick start the weekend. Excellent cardiovascular and muscle toning exercises, fresh air and feeling good. Come along and join us – you know you want to!” – Nicola

“Love getting up and out on a Saturday and massive bonus can bring the kids along too. Kids normally hate organised activities but are always asking to go to Mini fit! Never stick to exercise normally but really enjoy this class. thanks guys” – Hattie

“Fantastic class and the unique aspect is that all the family can exercise together in a fun environment meeting other families, making friends and getting fit together. My boys 2 and 5 love mini FIT whilst my husband and I have certainly seen our fitness improve. I would urge anyone to give it a go it’s a wonderful way to start the weekend!” – Suzanne

“F.I.T kick starts every weekend for us. It ticks every box, we get to do a brilliant workout, the kids get a high energy workout of their own (which has a different theme each week) they get to see mummy and daddy working hard and enjoying exercise which makes us feel, for that hour at least that we are doing an ok job at parenting! A wonderful group that would get way more then 5 stars if the rating allowed.” – Sarah

“Really fun bootcamp with a family friendly atmosphere. We all had our kids down at the Ashurst setting and they loved it too! A great workout. I haven’t exercised in a while but the bootcamp is suitable for all levels as you work to intervals which means you can push yourself as hard as possible and the fitter people can push themselves more without anyone holding anyone else up. Highly recommend this to anyone in the Tunbridge Wells area.” – Chloe

FIT Personal Training


“I have just started my PT journey with Rosie and I love it, our weekly sessions are everything I had hoped it to be. Rosie is encouraging and enthusiastic, and the varied exercises are challenging. I had lost my motivation and drive for exercise but with Rosie’s positivity, energy and knowledge I have more energy and my fitness levels are improving, roll on next weeks session. Thank-you”

“Lucy is the most inspiring personal trainer I’ve ever had, not only is she encouraging and amazingly knowledgeable, the level of work and detail she puts into each workout is just amazing. I’ve been training with Luce for the last 2 years and in that time my fitness levels and strength have grown so much. I couldn’t recommend Lucy and FIT highly enough, I would be lost without her!”

“Rosie has been amazing supporting me over the last month. I had twins 3 years ago and have never managed to get my shape back. I also have diastasis recti and a dodgy knee so was reluctant to do any exercise in case things got worse. Rosie was able to work alongside these tricky issues and actually help me get much fitter, more toned and feeling great about myself. It is amazing to see how personal training can produce such fast results in such little time. The targeted exercises have been specific to my needs and I am absolutely loving the results. There really isn’t anything quite as effective as 1:1 personal training. Rosie tweaks exercises to maximise results and no two sessions are the same. Her nutritious advice is really helpful and she genuinely wants to make a difference to my mental and physical well being. Thank you Rosie!!!”

“Thank you so much for our wonderful session last night Lucy. It really was amazing, so lucky to have you in our lives!” – Suzanne

“Rosie is a fantastic trainer. Her warm bubbly personality puts you at ease whilst her sessions are hard work, challenging but good fun too. She has a great listening ear and really wants you to succeed in your personal goals. I very much look forward to seeing Rosie, even my children love seeing her when we train together!” – Matt

“I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions – I would not have been able to achieve what I have without your encouragement. And for the first time in over a week I slept well last night!” – Mary